Restrictions and known bugsΒΆ

  • No support for nested parallel regions at sources, i.e. nested streamsx.topology.topology.Stream.set_parallel(), for example:

    topo = Topology()
    s = topo.source(S())

    In this example, set_parallel(3) is ignored.

  • No support for nested types when defining stream schemas, for example:

    class NamedTupleNestedTupleSchema(typing.NamedTuple):
        key: str
        spotted: SpottedSchema
  • No support of collections of NamedTuple as stream schema, for example:

    class NamedTupleListOfTupleSchema(typing.NamedTuple):
        spotted: typing.List[SpottedSchema]
  • Python Composites (derived from streamsx.topology.composite.Composite) can have only one input port.

  • No support to process window markers or final marker (end of stream) in Python Callables like in SPL operators

  • No hook for drain processing in consistent region for Python Callables