Information about streamsx package and environment.

Prints to standard out information about the streamsx package and environment variables used to support Python in IBM Streams and Streaming Analytics service.

A Python warning is issued if a mismatch is detected between the installed streamsx package and its modules. This is typically due to having a different version of the modules accessible through the environment variable PYTHONPATH.


When using the streamsx package ensure that the environment variable PYTHONPATH does not include a path ending with The IBM Streams environment configuration script modifies or sets PYTHONPATH to include the Python support from the SPL topology toolkit shipped with the product. This was to support Python before the streamsx package was available. The recommendation is to unset PYTHONPATH or modify it not to include the path to the topology toolkit.

Output is subject to change in the order and information displayed. Intended as an ad-hoc tool to help diagnose issues with streamsx.

Script may also be run as Python module:

python -m


usage: streamsx-info [-h]

    Prints support information about streamsx package and environment.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help  show this help message and exit