Submits or builds a Streams application to the Streaming Analytics service.

The application to be submitted can be:

  • A Python application defined through Topology using the --topology flag.

  • An SPL application (main composite) using the --main-composite flag.

  • A Streams application bundle (sab file) using the --bundle flag.

Streaming Analytics service

The Streaming Analytics service is defined by:

  • Service name - --service-name defaulting to environment variable STREAMING_ANALYTICS_SERVICE_NAME. The service name must exist in the vcap services.

  • Vcap services - Environment variable VCAP_SERVICES containing JSON representation of the service definitions or a file name containing the service definitions.

Job submission

Job submission occurs unless --create-bundle is set.

Bundle creation

When -create-bundle is specified with -main-composite or --topology then a Streams application bundle (sab file) is created.

If environment variable STREAMS_INSTALL is set the the build is local otherwise the build occurs in the IBM Cloud using the Streaming Analytics service.

When STREAMS_INSTALL is not set then streamsx-runner can be executed with no local Streams install.

When compiling an SPL application (--main-composite) then the path to the application toolkit containing the main composite must be listed with --toolkits.

Any other required local toolkits must be listed with with --toolkits.


streamsx-runner [-h] [--service-name SERVICE_NAME] | [--create-bundle]
             (--topology TOPOLOGY | --main-composite MAIN_COMPOSITE | --bundle BUNDLE)
             [--toolkits TOOLKITS [TOOLKITS ...]] [--job-name JOB_NAME]
             [--preload] [--trace {error,warn,info,debug,trace}]
             [--submission-parameters SUBMISSION_PARAMETERS [SUBMISSION_PARAMETERS ...]]
             [--job-config-overlays file]

Execute a Streams application using a Streaming Analytics service.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --service-name SERVICE_NAME
                        Submit to Streaming Analytics service
  --create-bundle       Create a bundle (sab file). No job submission occurs.
  --topology TOPOLOGY   Topology to call
  --main-composite MAIN_COMPOSITE
                        SPL main composite (namespace::composite_name)
  --bundle BUNDLE       Streams application bundle (sab file) to submit to

Build options:
  Application build options

  --toolkits TOOLKITS [TOOLKITS ...]
                        SPL toolkit path containing the main composite and any
                        other required SPL toolkit paths.

Job options:
  Job configuration options

  --job-name JOB_NAME   Job name
  --preload             Preload job onto all resources in the instance
  --trace {error,warn,info,debug,trace}
                        Application trace level
                        Submission parameters as name=value pairs
  --job-config-overlays file
                        Path to file containing job configuration overlays
                        JSON. Overrides any job configuration set by the

Submitting to Streaming Analytics service

An application is submitted to a Streaming Analytics service using --service-name SERVICE_NAME. The named service must exist in the VCAP services definition pointed to by the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

The application is submitted as source (except --bundle) and compiled into a Streams application bundle (sab file) using the build service before being submitted as a running job to the service instance.

Python applications

To submit a Python application a Python function must be defined that returns the application (and optionally its configuration) to be submitted. The fully qualified name of this function is specified using the --topology flag.

For example, an application can be submitted as:

streamsx-runner --service-name Streaming-Analytics-xd \
    --topology com.example.apps.sensor_ingester

The function returns one of:

  • a Topology instance defining the application

  • a tuple containing two values, in order:
    • a Topology instance defining the application

    • job configuration, one of:
      • JobConfig instance

      • dict corresponding to the configuration object passed into submit()

For example the above function might be defined as:

def _create_sensor_ingester_app():
   topo = Topology('SensorIngesterApp')

   # Application declaration omitted

   return topo

def sensor_ingester():
    return (_create_sensor_ingester_app(), JobConfig(job_name='SensorIngester'))

Thus when this application is submitted using the sensor_ingester function it is always submitted with the same job name SensorIngester.

The function must be accessible from the current Python path (typically through environment variable PYTHONPATH).

SPL applications

The main composite that defines the application is specified using the -main-composite flag specifing the fully namespace qualified name.

Any required local SPL toolkits, including the one containing the main composite, must be indivdually specified by location to the --toolkits flag. Any SPL toolkit that is present on the IBM Cloud service need not be included.

For example, an application that uses the Slack toolkit might be submitted as:

streamsx-runner --service-name Streaming-Analytics-xd \
    --main-composite com.example.alert::SlackAlerter \
    --toolkits $HOME/app/alerters $HOME/toolkits/

where $HOME/app/alerters is the location of the SPL application toolkit containing the com.example.alert::SlackAlerter main composite.


The main composite name must be namespace qualified. Use of the default namespace for a main composite is not recommended as it increases the chance of a name clash with another SPL toolkit.

Streams application bundles

A Streams application bundle is submitted to a service instance using --bundle. The argument to --bundle is a locally accessible file that will be uploaded to the service.

The bundle must have been created on using an IBM Streams install whose architecture and OS version matches the service instance. Currently this is x86_64 and RedHat/CentOS 6 or 7 depending on the service instance.

The --toolkits flag must not be specified when submitting a bundle.

Job options

Job options, such as --job-name, configure the running job.

For --topology job options set as arguments to streamsx-runner override any configuration returned from the function defining the application.

Creating Streams application bundles

--create-bundle uses a local IBM Streams install to attempt to mimic the build that would occur with -topology or --main-composite. Differences between the local environment and the IBM Cloud Streaming Analytics build environment may cause build failures in one and not the other.

This can be used as a mechanism to perform a local test build before using the service, or as a valid mechanism to create bundles for later upload with --bundle.

For example simply changing the --service-name name to --create-bundle perfoms a local build of the same application:

# Submit to an Streaming Analytics service
streamsx-runner --service-name Streaming-Analytics-xd \
    --main-composite com.example.alert::SlackAlerter \
    --toolkits $HOME/app/alerters $HOME/toolkits/

# Build the same application locally
streamsx-runner --create-bundle \
    --main-composite com.example.alert::SlackAlerter \
    --toolkits $HOME/app/alerters $HOME/toolkits/